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Deruchette – Durande EP

So I got this e-mail last week from Thomas in which he sent me his latest EP Durande. At first I thought, gah not another chillwave artist, but if you allow it to grow, it’s much more than that and pretty spectacular. Well, spectacular might give you the wrong impression because his minimal pop sound doesn’t really jump right at you. Which is a beautiful thing. His production doesn’t follow a specific pattern and the melodies just seem to develop while you listen to them, kinda chillwave-jazz I guess. Jazzwave. Deruchette’s EP serves just the right soothing soundtrack to the Poule lying around at home, in his nest if you will, fighting the flu.

To give you an idea, listen to the epic 7 minute track “Morning After (Kebab)”

Thomas was also nice enough share the entire EP with you : DOWNLOAD

MySpace / bandcamp

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