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Frühstück with The Fruhstucks

The Poule just got back from Paris and had the greatest time! Met so many wonderful people, special shout-out to Jack, the infamous drummer of Friendly Fires (interview coming soon), the super fly Anh Phi who set up the interview with Jack (check out his webzine Voluume.fr), the lovely Teresa who flew in all the way from the US to see The Fruhstucks (read her cool music blog Relentless Noisemaker), Camille and Sarah (les filles sympas of the beautiful photo blog Le Charivari) and last but not least the most genuine and nice guys you can imagine Sutja and Miguel: the phenomenal Fruhstucks.

Their concert was really good even though the computer didn’t work properly but Sutja definitely knows how to “deliver” on stage. Mighty awesome! Didn’t want it to end. Ever. The night had to end at some point however and a quick snack in nightly Paris couldn’t have been more appropriate: Frühstück with The Fruhstucks.

Find their brilliant EP for free on bandcamp: http://thefruhstucks.bandcamp.com/

Hats and Cats is their first official release as The Fruhstucks:

Paris, je t’aime. Thank you all so much. For more personal insight check DDAC.

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