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Fresh out the box: Atlas Young

In tradition of peculiar interviews the Poule d’Or is doing from time to time – think the Porcelain Raft photo interview from a few weeks ago – today’s interview features CHILLECTRO101’s infamous graduate Atlas Young. He is Japanese and just learning English.. so bear with him, after all his English is better than my Japanese. He was kind enough to include two new songs as well, free for download below..


PD: Where are you from?

Atlas Young: I live in Tokyo.

PD: When did you start making music?

Atlas Young: From just about a year ago.

PD: What are the major influences to your sound?

Atlas Young: The Radio Dept. Air france… others I’m inspired by new artists every day.

PD: What’s your ambition?

Atlas Young: Ambition is to increase the people I love the music that was born in Japan, many more good artists.

PD: What’s with the name?

Atlas Young: The name that started by A was good.

PD: How young is Atlas Young?

Atlas Young: My age is 27 years old.

PD: What kinda music do you listen to?

Atlas Young: I listen to everything. Devote particular genre is quite difficult.

PD: Any releases planned for 2010?

Atlas Young: After coming from my cassette EP FLA RECORDS’ll be released. I will release a compilation with great artists in Japan and around July. Both are certainly great to be finished

PD: Arigatou!


Atlas Young – Joy Unlimited

Atlas Young – Sunset Eyes

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