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Stream Muchuu’s debut album “Adventure We Go”

… for the next 8 weeks on: www.we7.com

here is the message they sent along:

‘Hey everyone! We’ve been trying to work out how to say thank you, to everyone who has said such nice things about our music, and everyone who’s been following us up until now. Whilst we were racking our brains those lovely we7 people came along and asked if we’d be one of their featured albums for a few weeks which they sell at half price. Problem solved! So our debut album ‘Adventure We Go’ is being featured on www.we7.com and for the next 8 weeks you can stream it all and if you like it you can download it for half price :D We really hope you enjoy it! Thanks again for all the kind words and support. Love Muchuu *

check their beautiful blog too! www.muchuumusic.com

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