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fresh out the box: Germany Germany

Now this is some serious talent here. I can’t take my ears off this. But let’s start from the beginning… Germany Germany is Drew Harris from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He is 19 and a second year Electrical Engineering/Music student at University of Victoria. I interviewed him the other day, here is the result:

Hen: What kinda music do you personally like?

Drew: I’m really into a few different styles:  first and foremost, I’d say any sort of electro-influenced indie rock. I do like a lot of straight-up electro like Daft Punk, Boys Noize, Justice, etc. Then there’s the post-punk-ish/garage style sound I like, ranging from Joy Division to newer music such as Digitalism, one of my favourites. Then there’s the ambient/chillout stuff that I love such as Air and am currently studying at university, Brian Eno – and other avant garde musicians – specifically. I’m also a small-time producer, so I really appreciate how good Eno is at what he does.

Hen: What instruments do you play?

Drew: I’ve played guitar for about 8 years (self taught), but I also play just about anything I can get my hands on. I’ve been in several bands over the years, but I really appreciate having control over a sound. I mean, I love playing with other musicians, but sometimes it’s hard to describe a specific sound I’ve got in my head. The guitar is definitely my main instrument though. Basically, I love music and I really appreciate the entire music process, from the moment an idea pops into my head to the final mastering.

Hen: How do record your music?

Drew: I make music using a computer but with an emphasis on real instruments and real voices. I think the current music industry is oversaturated with musicians who rely solely on digital instruments and sequencers. This is why I make use of real equipment as much as possible. I perform, compose and produce with Ableton Live.

Hen: I noticed a female singer on a couple of tracks, who is she?

Drew: She is a good friend of mine, Jessica Morgan. I record with her whenever I can, she’s got a wicked voice. I’ve also worked with an incredible keyboardist named Ben Mott.

Hen: What’s the story behind you name ‘Germany Germany’?

Drew: I went through a period where all I could think about was moving to Germany and working as a music producer. Still kind of a fantasy of mine, maybe someday. That and Germany to Germany is a song by Ratatat, who are super rad.

Hen: You wrote that you sampled noises for the track ‘Dreams That Pass’. Explain that.

Drew: It was recorded by sampling random noises from around the kitchen on my mobile phone and manipulating them until i could create drums, melodies, etc. No real instruments in that at all. Just lots of cups and pots and water sounds. There’s also vocals in it, just heavily manipulated. It’s also the only song I have sung on so far.

Hen: Thanks, Drew.

So, that’s it. You can’t wait to hear the product? Go ahead try Myspace and download this demo tape (alpha version or the latest beta version)

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