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Bands to watch in 2010: Two Door Cinema Club

Okay, while I’m at the whole jumping on bandwagons thing, I might just as well post a little something about Two Door Cinema Club. They have been topping bands-to-watch-in-2010 lists all over the blogosphere recently. I honestly don’t understand why they haven’t had mainstream success yet. I mean, not that I would want everybody to know them, but they just have this special ingredient that makes it impossible to keep them from going global. Everything they released so far was absolutely remarkable. I wrote a little something about their terrific song “Undercover Martyn” in march last year – when this really wasn’t a blog yet. About 10 months later, today that is, said song gets its own video and will be released as a single in advance to the album launch in march. I was instantly in love with everything they released, which was the magnificent 5 track EP “Four Words to Stand On”, the brilliant “Something Good Can Work” on the Kitsuné Maison Compilation 7 (their label) and the very, very catchy “I Can Talk” single. Just last week or so, they released “Costume Party” – a teaser to the album ‘Tourist History”. With my expectations ridiculously high already, that song did not disappoint. You can download it for free on their homepage in exchange for your e-mail address. I have attached both official videos below. So bottomline, in my eyes they are the hottest band out there – for a year now – and it can only be a matter of days until they burst into superstardom.



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