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morceau du jour: Surprise Chef – Talent Stick

Nothing really beats the joy and excitement of listening to something good for the first time, and realizing it, and then listen again, witnessing your own senses evolve around it. Surprise Chef here out of Melbourne produce this kind of music. The five of them create a wonderful mix of influences and styles, opening up spaces for your ears to dive into at ease.

They released three great albums since 2020 and have a new EP lined up for launch on June 2nd via Big Crown Records, titled Friendship. To celebrate the occasion, they are touring relevant parts of Europe right now, making stops in Leipzig tomorrow, May 16, Thursday 18th in Berlin, Friday 19th in Hamburg, Saturday in Amsterdam and Sunday in Cologne before taking on Bruges, Paris, Lille, Manchester and London and then a number of dates in the US and Canada all the way through August. Find all dates nicely listed here, in order of Surprise Chef’s appearance.

Talent Stick off their upcoming EP is attached below at your convenience.

Title photo credits go to Izzie Austin, and Izzie Austin only.

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