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morceau du jour: Friedberg, Better Things and socks

It’s no secret that independent musicians’ income streams are volatile in normal times to say the least. With the pandemic canceling out basically all live shows, musicians are forced to step onto new paths, some with cold feet. Berlin’s fine artist agency Better Things could not see this anymore and last week launched their new merch shop and Artist Collection. For the latter they will team up with rising artists to create individually and lovingly designed socks, all limited editions at a fair price, with naturally all profits going 100% to the band.

First on the floor for the Artist Collection is Austria’s charming band Friedberg, celebrating the release of their upcoming EP Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah on March 19th, with a limited edition sock for just 12,90 euros. The socks come in a timeless white-creme colourway that is being framed elegantly by the trademark blue of Better Things and dotted by supportive little cog wheels. They come in two sizes because not all feet are equal. Order yours now and put the financial equivalent of 3.830 Spotify streams right into Friedberg’s pocket.

In the meantime, catch their new single Lizzy alongside pleasing visuals right here. Their new EP (eight Yeahs) will be out this week via the brilliant Marathon Artists.