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premiere du jour: Von Sell – Scene Of A Crime (video)

In times like these, one needs to be ready to avert any disaster, at any time. Get your tinfoil hats, and stick to protocol. While not losing sight of the positive vibes, naturally. Enter Von Sell out of the creative hub that is New York City. His funky sunny dreamer Scene Of A Crime premiered over at Ones To Watch last week and calls to the good times to be had, especially at the dark times in history, with no beacon lighting up.

The song then arrives as a rather flawless disco track, carried by David’s precise vocals and guarded by a wall of synths, leaving you lifted up, into the sunset, on the roller coaster that is life. And as days get shorter and nights extend, the piece gets a visual counterpart, by way of the talented Cutsdatflo, exclusively attached below. All part of his upcoming EP Digital Sleep, due 2019.