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morceau du jour: Sofi Tukker – Benadryl (live in Hamburg)

New York’s power duo of Sofi Tukker have claimed global fame soundtracking an iPhone X commercial, however reducing them to this single event wouldn’t half do them justice. The group has a debut album out titled Treehouse, showcasing their range of danceable pop varieties outside the FAANG bubble, almost flawlessly.

They are currently taking their newborn on a world tour, making a stop in Hamburg’s Docks September 10th – an event brought to you by local tabloid Mopo, Radio Energy, blogger behemoth Soundkartell and yours truly, Team Poule. Tickets are selling faster than Android phones needing a patch. The duo’s latest piece Benadryl is attached below, at your convenience.

Photo credits above go to Shervin Lainez.