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Wild Echo expand on dark songs, K-Pop and Ford Escorts

Never put all your eggs into a single basket. So on the look for diversification and new wells to drill for our regular new music routine, Team Poule ran across these guys Wild Echo on fancy new source of anything exciting and worth investing time (and coins) in: Tradiio – get a virtual stake in bands and songs and earn sweet perks afterwards while finding your new favorite band.

And don’t you know it, emerging out of the vast base, here come Wild Echo. Their music has a strong pop’y edge to it while also pushing the rough notes underneath. They had an EP out in January, six songs ranging from forward indie pop numbers to the great and very catchy and dreamy piece Deep Water – attached below.

The five of them are pictured above and residing in London, usually. They just returned from a gig at prestigious Field Day Festival, reason enough to enquire and see what Wild Echo are all about.

You just played Field Day in London, how was that? First time?

Field Day went really well. It was our first time playing there, although we had been there before. It’s always a great festival with an amazing line up, so we were really happy to be a part of that.

Where are you guys from and how did you all meet?

We’re all from different parts of England. Kamil, Mike and Rudy met at the University of Nottingham as they were in the same year. Mike and Ben were both friends from home. Pali was the final addition to the band, who we met through one of our uni friends that he knew from home.

What does your song writing process look like?

Like this. Sometimes one person will come with a song mostly written and we’ll work on it. For most of the songs one person will have an idea, a riff, a melody or chord progression and we work together to flesh out the idea. It’s a real collaborative process.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Life, man. Creatively we draw inspiration from all aspects of art. Musically, while we all enjoy 80s, 90s and contemporary Post Punk, Shoegaze and Dream Pop bands, we also have a varied taste: Pali is influenced by Folk artists such as Nick Drake and Fleet Foxes, Mike is into psych rock and Neil Young, Ben is big into contemporary RnB and Hip Hop like the Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Yung Lean, Rudy likes Electronica, Industrial Techno and Booty Bass, While Kamil is into Deathcore and K-Pop. We bring little bits of all these influences into what we create.

Do you have a listener or environment in mind when writing a song?

I wouldn’t say we have a listener in mind when writing and it varies with songs, but our music has a summery feel so I imagine a group of friends driving down Southend seafront on a hot, sunny day in a Ford Escort Cabriolet with the drop down bumping our tunes. Hoping that they can just keep cruising forever. Then the sun sets and you head for a party, but once you get there you see your crush kissing someone else (What a dick!). So you run home and sit in your room with the lights off listening to one of our darker songs and have a lil cry. But deep down you know it’ll be fine as tomorrow is going to be a scorcher again.

A place you would like to play live at?

Pompeii Amphitheatre

Legit. Three songs you are listening to at the moment?

DJ Assault – Ass N Titties
Fake Palms – Sparkles
Republika – Nowe Sytuacje (Big up auntie Agnieszka for putting me onto this one)

Cheers to that. Thanks for taking the time.

Wild Echo’s debut EP titled In Dreams is out now, check out the phenomenal track Deep Water and more over at Tradiio.

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