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morceau du jour: Daniel Amedee – Everything Will Change

daniel_amedeeBased in New Orleans, folk singer Daniel Amedee usually spends his days on tour playing little towns and big cities across the United States and Canada. For Team Poule, folk music often feels very pretentious and dominated by false, pseudo-depressive crooning. But Daniel Amedee’s music has a certain “real” feel to it. The way his voice and music blend into each other is genuinely beautiful and it gives you a very reflective yet positive and warm feeling. Like you can hear the Mississippi, this great uniting river of the States, right through.

Attached below is Everything Will Change, the first single on his brand new EP of the same name. A thoughtful, yet forward looking and energetic track. Daniel Amedee is currently on tour, playing just about everywhere from Arkansas to Colorado, from Idaho to Washington. Find all dates, nicely listed, here.

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