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Photo-Interview #10: Mainland


Team Poule loves a good indie rock vibe with a poppy edge to it. Casually marching above are Mainland out of Brooklyn. The quartet has been around since 2013, mostly spending their days on tour supporting a couple of big names and releasing no less than three EPs. Here now comes their latest single that will be nicely stuck in your head all day titled Outcast along with the promise of a debut album to be released in early 2016.

That’s that. And because everyone loves a nice photo, it is a great pleasure to do the tenth photo-interview of an ongoing series with these guys above. It is unclear whether Corey, Alex and Dylan here are escorting Jordan to his motorcycle or if Jordan is the only one wearing a helmet on his bike. One will never know for sure. We do know however that they went the extra mile and took some great photos, take it away Mainland.

Are you ready for this?


What makes you feel at home?


What does your composing process look like?


What feeling do you want to carry to the listener?


An outcast place in New York?


Favorite late night snack?


Thanks for taking the time! Mainland’s new single Outcast is out now.

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