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morceau du jour: Scenic Route To Alaska – Paris

scenic-route-to-alaskaWhoa whoa whoa here comes a BIG one. Canadian pop machines Scenic Route To Alaska have been bathing in praise by their local press and rightly so. They sound like a camping trip, like river-winds, like pine trees and like long shadows and orange air. Their album Warrington came out last summer and won a whole lot of awards over in Canada. Europeans however are in luck now because the trio is in the middle of a grand tour playing a number of gigs in Germany right now and three dates in London in June before heading back to Canada. If you are in Hamburg tomorrow, May 20th, come out to Astra Stube. After that they are off to Leipzig, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt a whole range of smaller cities, so look out for that Darmstadtians and Hildesheimers, all dates are nicely listed here.

Meanwhile, the brilliant album Warrington is up on bandcamp, and the opening track Paris is attached below for your convenience.

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