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Rad & New: P I Z Z A B O Y S – Angst EP

pizzaboysHere goes an EP that has been a solid favorite at Camp Poule for the last couple of weeks. P I Z Z A B O Y S released his debut titled Angst last month. Five tracks of dreamy guitar-driven palm pop that make you want to shake your chicken legs. At a running time of 13 minutes the EP has the perfect length to soundtrack a whole range of activities: from waiting at the bus stop or doing laundry to a quick day dream, gobbling down a delicious cheesy pizza or even writing a whole blog post! Angst is five slices of happiness making it both rad and new.

Angst is out now on bandcamp for a mere 4 dollars – which is the equivalent of 2.54 pounds or 3 euros and 21 cents or a double cheese burger and fries. What would you rather have? Attached below is Sharing, with Pizzaboys doing what he does best.

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