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Video Premiere: My Heart The Brave – Promise (Burns)

my_heart_the_braveFeels semi-weird that apparently it’s mid-September already – almost time to start thinking about those best-of lists again. One name that is very high up on Team Poule’s list this year is Danish sensation My Heart The Brave. A project of producer Caspar Hesselager from Copenhagen. He released an absolutely phenomenal self-titled EP earlier this year. One of those 30-minute-delights that give you goosebumps everytime. A beautiful production, and as an avid Poule d’Or follower you will no doubt remember.

So today, it is a great pleasure to host the world premiere of his new video for the latest single off said EP: Promise (Burns) – the last song and one of the quieter numbers on his epic EP. It’s always amazing how, when you listened to a song a lot, you get your own idea of what the song looks like, like your own video for it. And then, when there actually is a video for the song, the video makes you listen to the song in a totally new way.

The video was presumably shot in the Danish country side, and directed by Hans Høite Augustenborg and My Heart The Brave himself. Look out for awesome little Sigurd Bencke as well as Carl Høite Augustenborg and Sejr Abildgaard. Take it away.

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