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morceau du jour: DENA – Flashed

DENANot red hot new but DENA’s debut album Flash is just too good not to give it a proper shout-out. 10 tracks that neatly follow the great sound she showed off on her trademark song Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools – dubbed avant-garde pop, if you will. A personal favorite probably is the opener Thin Rope – also a past single. But really, the newer songs are even more DENA. It’s quite difficult picking one out of the ten, they are all great. An exciting mix of 90s dance music, RnB influences and the frantic rhythm of a summer in the city.

Attached is Flashed which was produced by no other than Erlend Øye. Who, it seems, wanted to return the favour after Dena featured on both Whitest Boy Alive album back then. Flash is out now.

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