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morceau du jour: Eutony – Spectrum

eutonySo Team Poule signed up on the Tinder app today – and it is a tiny bit freaky on there. I mean I’m sure that most of what’s happening on there is fake. But at the same time it is awkwardly entertaining. It’s a bit like listening through your Soundcloud feed and skipping, skipping, following. You know.

Anyway, enter [tweetable hashtag=”#pouledor”]Eutony: the Tinder app of bands.[/tweetable] They show up writing they just started out as a band, writing songs, recording in a garage and so on and so on and I’m sitting here listening and thinking yeah right, you don’t fool me for a seconddd. Because this ONE song they have out right now does not sound like that at all. Spectrum is a great indie rock song, it’s properly produced and even the band pictures are obviously carefully choreographed. I’m intrigued Eutony – if you are who you say you are.

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