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morceau du jour: SEA+AIR – Dirty Love

dirty love foto

Massive new single by one of Germany’s finest non-automotive exports: SEA+AIR. The group started out as a solo project for Daniel Benjamin (the man) almost ten years ago – who, fun fact, played support for Whitney Houston on a couple of European gigs in 2010, whaat. Then his wife Eleni apparently got tired of him being on the road all the time so Daniel Benjamin (the band) became a duo, SEA+AIR. Which I reckon is a nice wordplay on ‘Sie und Er’, Her and Him, in german. But that is just speculation.

Husband and wife have been busily touring ever since the release of their last album, playing almost 500 shows over course of the last two years. In-sane. Attached is their latest single Dirty Love which is being released September 6th. Watch below the fine video directed by Ben Monteiro.

On top of that, they are embarking on one last hoo-rah before hitting the studio: a great European tour starting in London tomorrow, August 28th playing The Water Rats. Then working their way through Germany, the Netherlands and Poland: Cologne Sep 10th, Berlin Sep 17th and Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival Sep 28th, among loads of dates. A total of more than 30 shows til October – that’s dedication. And people of Regensburg, Plauen and Flensburg: your cities have been selected, too. It does sound like an awful amount of fun.

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