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morceau du jour: Halasan Bazar – Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad (video)

Been meaning to write something about Copenhagen’s Halasan Bazar for some time – so NOW that they released a new video for their great single Sometimes Happy Sometimes Sad which has been around for a while, now maybe NOW is the time. Part of the reason I semi dropped the ball on them is their name. Halasan Bazar. Bazar – ok. But Halasan, sounds like medicine or something. Let me hear that cough? Better take two Halasans.

Thanks to the Googler though – I learn that Halasan is some sort of yoga exercise: Lie on your back, arms alongside (step one), raise legs an in Sarvangasan (you may take help of hands on the hips – obviously), then lower them overhead, knees straight, ankles stretched, toes pointed and touching the ground (step two – got it?), arms stay on ground as in the beginning, palms on the ground, the posture resembles the shape of a plough. Well, and look at those benefits!! Makes the spine flexible, creates energy (!!!), and blood of the muscles of the back. Aids the functioning of the thyroid and thymus glands thus helping retain the individual’s youthful physical characteristics for a longer period. Sounds like a fair deal to me. I’ll leave that one with you.

But while you’re at it (the Sarvangasan) – hit play on that video above. Which is a bit.. I don’t know. Imagine The Count on acid. Or something. They also have a great album coming out, Space Junk hits stores April 2nd via Crash Symbols. Peace out.

Or actually speaking of music videos, did you catch that new Foals video?! Obviously on a slightly higher budget, but oh my. EPIC.

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