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Photo-Interview #8: Tubbe

Tubbe2Here we go for another photo-interview! It’s been a while and it’s about time for a new one: electro pop duo Tubbe went the extra mile for this one and replied to our thoughtful question in photos/images. Thank you guys for taking the time! Tubbe are Steffi and Klaus from Berlin. And before reading on, hit play on that song below — so, while Klaus’ beats and bass are warm, straightforward and easily digestible, it’s Steffi’s voice that makes the plumage tickle when listening to their debut album Eiscafe Ravetto.

She sings in both English and German, so not sure how this sounds when you don’t speak the Deutsch but I have a pretty good feeling about this. Wrapped in dance-y beats Steffi and Klaus achieve to deliver this subtle romance with a sort of sad twist – like the ephemeral summer love that is the most fun and beautiful but you know there is an expiration date on it all.. truly a fantastic debut, with an underlying layer throughout the entire album.

Eiscafe Ravetto will be out and available through Hamburg’s notorious Audiolith label this Friday, March 1st. I reckon Tubbe are best to be consumed live and dancing though so watch out for their tour schedule here. They’ll be touring Germany, France and Switzerland later this month, Toulouse March 22nd, Paris March 29th, Berlin April 10th – and a lot more.

This is Tubbe:

Who are you?


What defines Tubbe?

Foto 1

What’s characteristic for the connection you two share?

Foto 5

Where do you go for inspiration?


Having just moved to Berlin, what’s the city’s appeal, what’s the magic of Berlin?


What is the perfect environment to listen to your music?


It’s the little things, right?

Foto 2

Tubbe’s brilliant debut Eiscafe Ravetto comes packed with great beats, good lyrics and classy vocals, so get you copy on Friday through Audiolith.

Disclaimer: the photos and images used for this interview do not belong to either Tubbe or Poule d’Or. If you own them and want them removed get in touch here.

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