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morceau du jour: Freedom Fry – Friends & Enemies

freedomfryNew single by our favorites from Los Angeles and long time supporters of Poule d’Or: Freedom Fry! Marie and Bruce are the cutest couple you’ll ever meet and you can feel their charm right through the music. Straight out of your speakers. Wonderful. It just gives a good feeling listening to their music, even if it was a lie, it was good, ups and downs, we’re friends and enemies. And oh those warm riffs. No wonder they premiered this one on Valentine’s Day last week.

Friends & Enemies is the first single off their upcoming EP of the same name – to be released April 2nd, look out. Also the two will be playing a couple of shows in Europe these weeks. Parisians, something might be happening: check their website for updates. Only confirmed gig is Queen of Hoxton in London next week, March 1st.

Update: They just announced their first Parisian show too, February 26th at Le Baron. Go and see them, and say hi from Poule d’Or.

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