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morceau du jour: Moscow Youth Cult – Love > Lore

After dropping a rather enjoyable EP entitled Iris last year, Britain’s Moscow Youth Cult are now readying the release of their debut album Happiness Machines for July 30th. Jon and Daniel have put together 14 songs that make a quite brilliant mix of rough electronic sounds, warm bass lines and dreamy pop elements. They sound a bit like as if you had taken the glitchy Elite Gymnastics (much love) and the rough/rhythmic Civil Civic (much love too) and strapped them together. Both dreamy and rough – at the same time!

Fused by their passion for both video games and vintage horror movies, Happiness Machines could well be soundtrack for Mario Kart’s Bowser’s Castle track – you who know, know.

Attached is the lead single Love > Lore. The press release quite accurately closes with: “Basically it’s what would happen if dubstep, chillwave and Bibio’s tape recorder all got chucked into the Large Hadron Collider by Thom Yorke. Dressed as a witch.” There you go.

More Moscow Youth Cult on Poule d’Or.

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