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morceau du jour special! : Bravestation – White Wolves

Poule d’Or just returned from the good old Kingdom where the entire team of Poule d’Or headquarters saw our old and new favorite band Bravestation play a gig in Manchester. Not only are they the nicest people, they also are quite an epic live experience! Given the bit weak sound system at the venue, they were absolutely amazing and rocked out hard. I think I even heard a four-hook-song. FOUR hooks that is! EPIC! They played a couple of hot new songs as well, however they won’t be released before 2012. So you got no choice but to stick to their (brilliant) 2010 EP which is, well, from 2010 but it still has that irresistible new car smell (unlike their tour van).

BravestationWhite Wolves | download on Poule d’Or 4 | and on bandcamp

Bravestation – Clocks and Spearsdownload on bandcamp

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