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RED HOT NEW: Germany Germany – Adventures

Victoria, Canada-based bon vivant Drew Harris has released his new full-length album Adventures this weekend. Given Drew’s consistent flow of highest level output, you are already expecting to be blown away by a new release, thus paving the way to easy disappointment. And yet Germany Germany delivers again, and again, and again. Every. Single. Time.

Adventures is absolutely fantastic, the best music possible, fast and slow, changing pace, playing hide and seek with the listener. It is loaded with fast-paced dance tracks and synth pop gems as well as dreamy ambient electro tunes and even though it’s a double album, you don’t want it to end after 60 minutes runtime. Consequentially, the album starts off with the well-intentioned advice to NOT forget the warm-up! Because the ensuing hour you will find it hard to stay still and you wouldn’t want to risk a strained muscle..

Download link and a few personal words from Drew Harris on bandcamp. Physical copies are available directly through Distorted Disco Records.

Germany GermanySleeping Pills | buy Adventures

Germany Germany – Too Fast | buy Adventures

Germany Germany – Take Your Time | buy Adventures

More free downloads here, and also massive kudos to Vicente at M48V for the beautiful artwork.

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