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morceau du jour: Freedom Or Death – Inside

Canadian dream-folk-poppers Freedom Or Death, who you may have caught on compilation 5, ready the release of their new 7 track album (or EP depending which side of the street you’re on). EGO will be unleashed April 26th through their own label LIARS & THIEVES and be distributed by Arts & Crafts. The album was recorded over 5 months in Toronto and is a progression from their rad and self titled debut EP.

Fernandez and Sway are the nicest people, so they made two tracks off it available to download for you loyal Poule d’Or followers. Inside is off EGO and captures the core of what Freedom Or Death are about: dreamy vocal-driven pop songs. Virginia Woolf shows the other end of their artistic spectrum, the more electronic/acoustic folk approach. All good.

Freedom Or DeathInside

Freedom Or DeathVirginia Woolf

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