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Ever wanted to meet the YETI?

I read about LE YETI a while ago on one of my favorite blogs The Pigeon Post and was instantly hooked. The Mancunian has two remarkable EPs packed with experimental dream pop up for free on bandcamp and it turns out that much like the actual Yeti, this UK-based version likes making a mystery out of himself..

LE YETI – The Night | download on bandcamp

LE YETI – Flow | download on bandcamp

Who are you, where are you from?

Like the Yeti I am unknown .. I am from Manchester, UK.

What is your musical background?

Self taught, I was making music in my spare time just for fun a bit like a one man band. I put the EP on bandcamp and got a great response.

How did you record the two EPs you posted on bandcamp?

I recorded the EPs at home on Q bass and nanostudio.

Which bands influenced you the most?

Fever Ray, Radiohead, Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus

Besides other musicians, what influences your sound?

When I was recording the two EPs I wanted the sounds from outside to leak into the recording I wanted to make the EP sound very raw and the mistakes kind of make the EP sound more interesting.

What would be the ideal environment to listen to your music?

A dark cave.

You have no facebook page but a t-shirt ‘line’ to buy. Just merch or do you plan a career in fashion design?

I just like the unknown to who I am. I’ve start post this symbol around Manchester. I would love to see random people wearing this symbol I think it creates more of a buzz and a sense of mystery.

Why did you pick the name LE YETI – paired with the Japanese currency symbol?

I picked the name because again it turns to the mystery of the Yeti and both the symbol and Yeti image to me are powerful signs.

Plans for 2011?

Working on my full album it should be out August time and I will be releasing a physical copy of the WAR EP very soon.

The first three songs that pop up on your iPod?

Grimes – Swan song, Tobacco – Fresh Hex, Twin Shadow – Slow

Thanks for taking the time!

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