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Le nouveau œuf d’or de la Poule: time yet again for a full-length Poule d’Or Compilation. Another mix of familiar and new music to pleasure your ears. First and foremost a big thank you to all the artists who contributed a track to this edition. Thanks so much for wanting to be a part of it. The amount of positive feedback really is amazing!
Also shout out to all the proper blogs I admire. Impossible to name them all but special thanks go out to Anh PhiTeresaGerlin, Camille and Sarah, MattHenning, Marie and Anne-ValérieBrandon, Sam and Mathieu. Thanks for being awesome. And thank you Haley Thompson -contributor to distorteddiscoVISUAL– for allowing me to use her great photo for the artwork.

This edition runs for good 74 minutes and features as many as 20 tracks which makes it quite a heavyweight, but I love each and every one of them. Seriously.


1. RÜFÜS – We Left // We Left is one of those songs that make your day when you find them in your inbox. Fantastic song. They start a series of live shows in Sydney next month, be there or be square. / Sydney, Australia / SoundcloudfacebookMySpace

2. Casa del Mirto – The Sun // Marco Ricci makes lovely synthpop with a hint of ‘chillwave’ under the moniker Casa del Mirto. A blast from the past. His latest album ‘The Eternal’ along with a collection of B-sides from his upcoming release are up for free on his MySpace. Quite awesome! / Trento, Italy / MySpacefacebook

3. Tiger Love – Pussy Cocaine // Synthy fun and dance greatness of yet another Tiger band from London. “I feel like .. Pussy Cocaine” – the pause is just perfect. Good stuff, make sure you also check their other songs, ‘Under Control’ in particular. / London, United Kingdom / facebookMySpace

4. Restless People – Don’t Back Down // Eric and Jesse of experimental pop group Tanlines (Poule d’Or #3) formed Restless People a while ago with two friends -from Professor Murder & Family Edition. Restless People is their recreational home. The music is less tropical than their Tanlines works but equally great and bouncy. They just released their self-titled debut album. / Brooklyn, New York / MySpace / homepage / twitter

5. Museum Of Bellas Artes – Watch The Glow // Finally a new track from the swedish girly trifecta. It’s only their second song and what a brilliant one it is! They’ll release a 7” containing both tracks (on Poule d’Or #1 and #5) through Transparent and a 4-track EP via Force Majeure soon. Both on preorder at Pure Groove here and here. / Stockholm, Sweden / MySpacefacebook

6. Young Liars – Colours (Teen Daze Remix) // Young Liars are really exciting. Colours surfaced back in June and like many other tracks this summer it wasn’t safe from being Teen Dazed. Good. Also check Young Liars’ second single Marathon on their homepage. / Vancouver, Canada / facebookhomepagetwitter

7. Freedom Or Death – Lost In The Dances // Fernandez and Sway used to work for Sony Music for 10 years, then decided to quit their jobs and make music instead. Good thing they did because the self-titled EP they just released is mighty awesome. / Toronto, Canada / MySpace / facebook

8. The Fruhstucks – Magic Dust // Loooove the Fruhstucks. Sutja and Miguel are the nicest people you will ever meet. So cool. Plus they have the most beautiful floral background on stage. As if that wouldn’t be enough, they make incredibly good music too. They have a magnificent EP up on bandcamp, you don’t want to sleep on that! / Castellón, Spain / facebookbandcampMySpacetwitterCargo Collectivevimeo

9. Towards Tonight – Towards Tonight // Little information they sent along, they’re from Canada and prefer staying anonymous, want to keep the focus 100% on the music. Phenomenal song! And yet another great band from Canada. / homepage

10. Young Empires – White Doves // This Toronto trio is a regular guest on the compilations by now. White Doves is the latest song in their brilliant portfolio. Their song “Glory Of The Night” which enlightened your ears on #4 will be on the next Kitsuné Compilation, how cool is that?! / Toronto, Canada / MySpacefacebooktwitter

11. Bravestation – Their Calling // Another brilliant track taken from their outstanding EP ‘2010’. Might as well post the whole thing on the compilation. Get it on bandcamp. Now. / Toronto, Canada / facebook / bandcamp / twitter

12. California Wives – Blood Red Shoes // Very, very promising sound. The track’s been sitting in the Poule’s iTunes library for a while, seems like they’re crushing the hypem charts right now. Their rad debut EP Affair has been rotating on the Poule’s iPod all summer. Super good. Doesn’t feel like a 5 minute track at all. / Chicago, Illinois / facebook / blog

13. The Lost Crew – Make It // Loved the Lost Crew when they were on #4. Meeting them in Hamburg a couple of weeks ago made the Poule love them even more. Seriously cool and genuinely nice people. They’re prepping a video for this song right now, so look out, they might go viral soon.. / Malmö, Sweden / facebookMySpacetwitter

14. Black Bear Brown Bear – Jeff Goldblum // More good music from down under. This song has been out since January, strange it hasn’t gone huge yet. If you have a thing for sweet guitar-led indie pop you will love them. Regardless of your attitude towards Jeff Goldblum. / Sydney, Australia / MySpace / bandcamp / facebook

15. The Cads – Skin // They supported Darwin Deez on their recent tour through Germany. Darwin Deez obviously is a man who knows style and grace. So take his word, that these guys rock. SPARK UP IN STYLE! / Ipswich, United Kingdom / facebook / MySpace

16. Thievery – Proud Lovers // Ohh Australia, so many good bands lately. What are you guys eating down there? Great song. Love the guitar. / Brisbane, Australia / facebook /MySpace

17. Alpine – Too Safe // Beautiful indie pop topped with two enchanting female vocalists. Brilliant. And again: Australia. They’re up to something down there.. / Melbourne, Australia / facebook / MySpace / twitter

18. Dream Cop – Marooned // Perfect haze pop from multiinstrumentalist Tommy Davidson. This track is taken from his debut EP Mango, out Oct 29th. So promising. / Blacksburg, Virginia / MySpace

19. Ice Cream Shout – Tattooed Tears // Tattooed Tears paints a marvelous landscape of sound. Really great song. And the most surprising fact: they’re from Japan. Sounds like nothing the Poule has heard from Japan. Stoked to hear the new songs they’re just working on. / Kansai, Japan / MySpace / homepage / facebookvimeo

20. Police Academy 6 & unouomedue – Icarus // Uno has been quite online-omnipresent since he surfaced a couple of months back. Icarus is off PA6’s upcoming album and features Uno’s vocals beautifully warping around synth chords. Love that track, great atmosphere. Perfect outro. / PA6: soundcloudtumblr // uno: tumblrbandcamptwitter

not available to download anymore – stream on 8tracks


Poule d’Or newbies might want to check out the previous selections here.

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  • drewharris October 19, 2010, 5:49 pm

    spec-fucking-tacular. kudos to the ddV shoutout :D

  • anhphi October 20, 2010, 1:34 am

    Love love love.

  • hen October 20, 2010, 1:43 am

  • Gerlin October 20, 2010, 3:11 pm


  • BondiBen December 4, 2010, 12:59 am

    What a great collection, thank you so much! WE featured the kisses track recently on our show and it always get such great feedback. Look forward to the next mix!

    • hen December 4, 2010, 1:03 am

      Haha thanks!! I’m glad you enjoy the selections!

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