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morceau du jour: Restless People – Don’t Back Down

Looks like the Eric and Jesse from the bodacious Tanlines have a -sort of- new project going on :

(via RCRD LBL) There should be more bands like Restless People. Not exactly like them—they’ve got the hyper-positive, melodi-rave market cornered—but there should be more bands that inspire you to run five miles even though you haven’t run in years and are probably so out of shape that doing so would be nearly impossible. They are, in essence, a wind-at-your-back, can-do-anything kind of band, and their self-titled debut is out September 14 through IAMSOUND. Who needs gym memberships when you have an album full of songs like this?

‘Don’t Back Down’ is brilliant and up for free on RCRD LBL

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